Ratings Scale

There are 5 levels of our rating as displayed on our rating scale.

High potential: Solid foundations. Good team and execution. Generally, long-term projects with large addressable markets.

Potential: Has a room for improvement but on the right track. Often doesn’t have a long history.

Considerable:  These assets have high competition and better alternatives. Depending on the market, partnerships and new strong team members they might improve.

Risky: Questionable foundations. The product might seem to have a market but the team is not strong enough to meet the needs of the market in time.

Scam: Scam is a heavy word and not used by any rating agency. However, we are behind of this labeling. There are no safe crypto assets in this space. There are no regulations and insurance on your investment. It is not easy to get a rating below 5 and if they do, it probably means they are acting like they want to trick you into investing. Possibly overvalued and default might be imminent.