Satoshi Rating is a weighted combination of three categories; product, team, and execution. Each category evaluated according to sub-categories listed on the detail page. The score of these weighted sub-categories calculated in terms of that specific crypto asset and its interaction with other sub-categories. Each crypto asset can get a score between 0 and 10. However, you should understand that score of 10 can only be reached in the ideal world.

  • Project

    A good product is like being at the right place at the right time. Delivering a product everyone wants in a big enough market. The product is the multiplier that puts the team on the map. While the product is important it can be wasted in the hands of amateurs. Therefore it is not the most important factor in our ratings.

  • Team

    The team is important because not only finding and affording professionals are difficult but also for them to integrate and work flawlessly is not an easy task to achieve. If this can be done, product and the strategy can change until they find one that works. Many unicorns don’t start with what they are good at, but they get there quickly.

  • Execution

    Execution means getting the product into a market, listening to customer feedback, building and introducing an improved version quickly and then going back to listening to the customers. It is about doing the work, having the motivation and the background to deliver.

Our research is based on the publicly available official information. We don’t take rumor and unproven information into account. Despite making every effort to be accurate, we could get something wrong. If that is the case, we will update our ratings and add a notice of corrections.

We don’t focus on startups that are fundraising to build their team and product. This includes all the ICO stage crypto assets.

We suggest you take these ratings into account while doing your own research. Combined with technical analysis and latest news you can create a more clear picture of reality and minimize your risk as much as possible.