What is SR

SatoshiRatings is a provider of crypto asset investment ratings.

We are a group of business-minded and result oriented individuals located across 11 countries around the world. Our strong team consists of early adopters, analysts, investors, developers, entrepreneurs and financial experts. All of our members either had a successful exist or worked on such projects before. From those experiences, we learned what it takes to make a business successful not on paper but in the real world.

Our shared understanding of the blockchain ecosystem brought us together in the making of this project. We believe that crypto assets companies have the same characteristics as startups and the investment potential of a crypto asset could be measured by the strength of the team, sustainability of their execution and the quality of the product. This simple yet effective evaluating methodology aligns with our previous experiences and gives us a perfect template to where a crypto asset is headed.

In blockchain ecosystem, we realized that many people don’t understand or agree on how a successful and profitable business works. This leads to needless risk-taking and suffering. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to share our simple ratings, our concerns and feedback to inform the public and creators of these assets in the hopes that it will make the market more healthy and less open to manipulation.

Following the same theme of less manipulation, we decided to keep ourselves anonymous and keep the discussion around the ratings. Similar to Bitcoin, thus the name SathosiRatings.

We are very open-minded, research focused, and dynamic. Market participants and the public are welcome to have a voice regarding our ratings. Growing our category-specific experts, having more confirmation on our findings will increase the objectivity and integrity of these ratings. That will benefit the entire ecosystem.

The data we use in our ratings gathered from many different places including; publicly available resources, the source code of the project, performance of the product, market analysis, previous conflicts, the track record of the team, historical roadmap analysis and many automated data points that we collect. Also, it is important to mention that previously rated assets are our benchmark and they help us to have a balanced scale.

If you are interested, have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to contact us.